Question (asked only to our female staff):
So, do you read comics then? 

Yes, man. Come on. 

Comics do not come with a gender litmus test. Women read comics. And it is a safe bet that ANYBODY that works in a comic shop with a website this nice probably has had a chance to READ the things they are surrounded by EVERY DAY. This question is unnecessary and condescending! So you can skip it the next time you're in.

Comics are for everyone! They are for ALL people! Even beings that don't read! Comics are for them too! 

Where's Sheldon? 

Sheldon Cooper is a character from the popular television show The Big Bang Theory. He does not exist in reality and therefore cannot currently be found at any Vault of Midnight location. It is not out of the question that Jim Parsons, the actor portraying Sheldon, will stop by or has visited in one of our locations, but if he has he hasn't announced himself and we were cool about it when we saw him. We understand that our comic shops are large and beautiful and look as if they belong on the set of a carefully manicured, world famous television show. But as a point of continuity and clarity: the character Sheldon doesn't work at a comic shop; he is a patron of the comic shop featured on The Big Bang Theory. 

Please note the above before asking this question at any Vault of Midnight and please note also that you are not funny for thinking of this question; we are asked this at least once a day and have been since the show first aired in 2007. 

What's your most expensive comic book? 

Our most frequently asked question! The answer is: why do you care? We are living through a comic book renaissance! An entire medium is being reborn before our very eyes! Never in history have comic books been so good, so rich in content and character; never have we had such a wealth of talent putting out new stories; never in the history of comic books have there been more books for more kinds of people from every conceivable walk of life. We are on a precipice overlooking what will surely be remembered as the beginning of a new, glorious age in graphic storytelling. 

Our medium has to mature beyond the speculation-based character that it was granted in the 1990s, a period when the only time comic books made headlines was for huge sale quantities or expensive single issue purchases. Now comic book creators are dominating the New York Times bestseller lists; they are winning Macarthur Genius Awards; comic books can be found in libraries and schools across the country and are changing lives as a consequence. 

It's not your fault that you want to know what is the most expensive comic book we have. That's most people's relationship to comic books; hearing about expensive ones. But if it looks like we die inside when you ask us that question, it's because we know that the medium is about a lot more than that now, and that if you give us a chance we can find you a comic book that will change how you see the whole world. You should give us that chance. 

But I'm sure we have a Green Lantern book kicking around that costs $150 or so. I dunno. Let's say it's that one.