Can we appraise your books?  Oh, heck yes. If you're only interested in seeing what your books are worth, read all of the stuff below and follow the very simple instructions.

Please do not bring books without scheduling an appointment with a specialist.



COST: $40/hr


  • A detailed document breaking down the value of each book in your collection
  • Notes of interest found in the grading
  • What we think each book will actually sell for.


We will need the following information provided when contacting us to schedule your appointment.

  • How many books you'd like to get appraised
  • Any restrictions on timing (how quickly do you need your appraisal document?)
  • Your email and phone number
  • Your Vault of Midnight of choice (Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Detroit)


Is Appraisal Right for YOU?

Selling your books directly to collectors is the best way to get the most bucks for your stuff. But grading is complicated and stupid. And how are you supposed to know that the random issue of Spawn in your collection features the first appearance of Overtkill and is thus a priceless artifact? 

WE know these things. Whether you're curious about your precious collection or looking to not get screwed on the open market: we can help. That way, when some jerk offers you $20 bucks for a book worth thousands, you can confidently inform them that they should conveniently "get bent."

Vault of Midnight has been appraising and purchasing comic books for more than 20 years. We'll give your collection the obsessive time and attention it deserves and arm you with precious, sweet knowledge that you can carry out into the world.




Fill out the form below or email us with all the info.  We will get back to you as soon as we can to schedule an appointment to meet.