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Curious about a book? Didn't see it on our shelves? Don't feel like browsing? At Vault of Midnight, we believe that YOU are a special customer. Shouldn't your order be as special as you are?


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Are you sitting on a pile of pulp gold? Want to find out? We'll evaluate and maybe even buy your comics books. Visit our appraisal and buying pages below or check out our FAQ for more info.


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Interested in doing an event thing with the Vault? Want to borrow our space? Would you like to have a professional nerd speak at your event or sit on your panel? Click here for info on venue rental or contact


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Guided by professional Game Clerics. Use our space or we'll come to you.



Releasing a thing? Showing some art? Acknowledging your birth? Holler at us.


Do you support things? So do we! Lend your good cause some stylish geek cred.

ELDER Rituals

Invite your friends to approach the precipice of knowledge and madness.

Push-up contests

All of our flooring is made of solid mass that will support your exercising on it.

meet cute

Spontaneously meet your soulmate. Scheduling restrictions apply.


Schools & Libraries

We love working with universities, schools, and libraries to help develop world class graphic novel selections. If you are an administrator or librarian looking to curate a new collection, or even to update what you already have, we would love to speak with you.

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