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Local Comic Shop Day 2016

Do you have a local comic shop? Do you LOVE your local comic shop? Probably you do, but hear me out anyway.

On November 19th, take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge independent, locally owned comic shops with Local Comic Shop Day. In a world turning increasingly digital, turning more and more to our various screens for entertainment and shopping, there are still thousands of brick and mortar establishments run by actual human beings who want to talk to you about--and provide you with--the stuff you love. The excellent folks at an organization called ComicsPro have rallied comic readers all over the world to establish a holiday celebrating local comic book retailers and we are proud to be a part of their efforts.

Vault of Midnight will be celebrating LCSD by offering super-limited, ultra-exclusive Local Comic Shop Day merchandise. These will vary by store, so visit your local Vault (or all three, perhaps?) to see everything on offer.

That's not even everything. Let me finish.

On this day and this day only, we will be giving away an absurd bevy of graphic novels courtesy of Double Take Comics -  the same brains that brought you Grand Theft Auto. Each and every one of you can choose up to three of the available 10 Double Take Graphic novels to take home with you while supplies last.

We positively cannot wait to see all of you handsome devils there. We hope that if you can't spend the day with us that you'll find the nearest comic shop you can and give them a high five. Or a grateful nod of some kind, exclaiming clearly and with pride, "You Are Acknowledged."  

Excelsior! To the Max!

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