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Vote for Vault!


Can we get mushy for a minute here? Can we spill some feels? 

While it would be easy to believe your local VoM crew is only in this for the sweet, sweet comics discount and the opportunity to pet every #dogsofmidnight which saunters into the shop, that's actually only partially the case. We do it for YOU. 

Each bag and board we assemble, every D20 we roll, every snarky post-it note we write; we do daydreaming of our beloved customers. You're the lifeblood of this place. We are obsessed with constantly trying to improve and provide you with the most kick-butt service you've ever experienced. For real. 

Now that we've totally ruined all of our street cred with all that touchy feely junk, we need to ask: Do you like us too? 

Here's the deal, we've been nominated for Celebration Cinema's Celebrated Service Award, the most prestigious customer service accolade this side of Metropolis.

So if you've ever experienced great, superb, or even excellent customer service at Vault of Midnight, please show us some love by voting for Vault! 

Simply text "TEXT “MIDNIGHT” TO 763.333.2323 or visit and cast your vote online. Voting ends November 12th.

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