November 2016

Chainmail Bikini

Hazel Newlevant / Sophie Yanow / Jane Mai / Molly Ostertag / MORE

A knockout of an anthology collecting the stories of women who game. Table top role-playing, video games, board and card games; while none of these hobbies make much of an effort (or any effort, often) to market or appeal to anyone other than men, that hasn't stopped women from all over the world from making their mark on the culture and industry of gaming. Chainmail Bikini is a brilliant reminder of that fact.

The stories in Chainmail Bikini come from over two dozen creators, expressing across a wide spectrum of themes and emotional impact. Some are hilarious, some are heartbreaking, some are fun, some are small and focused, some pull the camera way, way back. Chainmail Bikini works as anthology, as a timely piece of cultural commentary, as kick ass collection of short comics. We are super excited to present it as our November Book of the Month selection and hope that you enjoy it as much as we have.

chainmail bikini.jpg